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We are a training provider offering IBF-accredited Estate Planning courses.

CLPA and Advanced CLPA courses are Recognised by

We also provide sales-enhancing Language classes and Financial Literacy courses for the Young.

Changing The Way
Estate Planning Is Taught

For a long time, the way estate planning has been taught has been the same. It’s full of cold, hard facts that are difficult to apply – and it causes families to avoid planning even more.

We created Riverside Training to change all that.

By combining technical smarts, teaching ability and a relentless drive towards simplifying content, we are making estate planning easier to understand and accessible to everyone.

Besides having technical qualifications, our management has various training design qualifications like ACTA, CELTA and ACLP.

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We are a training provider offering IBF-accredited estate planning courses, sales-enhancing language classes, and financial literacy courses for the young.


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