This course provides financial planners with an understanding of how probate and estate administration are carried out when a person passes away. This is an important topic because financial planners are often the first persons a family would call on when a family member passes away. Besides planning for the funeral and proving the will if any, family members want to know what immediate funds are available and how probate can be obtained as quickly as possible in order to release funds for the family.

What will you learn?

Understand the process of probate and estate administration

Arm financial planners with the confidence and knowledge of the processes so that they can benefit from longer-term relationships with their clients

Learn how to deal with non-Muslim, Muslim and foreigner situations where the deceased passed away with a will and without a will

Course Description

In the first part of the course, we begin with non-Muslim situations. We learn how to prepare for the perfect scenario where a person passes away with a will, an up-to-date schedule of assets and sufficient liquidity for the family. Such preparation can minimise the cost of and time taken for probate & estate administration.

We compare this with the less-than-perfect scenario where a person passes away without a will, leaving the family far less prepared. There are more steps to take, more time spent and higher probability of disputes among family members.

We next look at the process when a foreigner passes away in Singapore with assets in Singapore – with and without a will.

After the grant of probate is extracted, we look at how estate administration tasks are performed to deal with motor vehicles, CPF funds, properties, insurance policies and others. 

In the second part of the course, we examine Muslim situations. We study the key aspects of Muslim inheritance law, and how they differ with non-Muslim situations.

Finally, we will discuss what financial planners can do to help families prepare for future probate, and deal with present day deaths.

Trainees will gain practical knowledge from actual case studies to guide their clients. Redacted court documents are shown to support the learning. The trainers are accomplished practitioners and excellent at simplifying and communicating technical content.



8 Hours




$ 300

Trusted by Employees from Notable Organisations